The Liebster Award!



That was my question too when I saw one of my fellow crochet/blogging/yarn shop friends, Hilda Steyn, nominated me for the Liebster Award.

So I was off to her blog, reading all about it, but still I sat with the questions…

What is the Liebster Award, where does it come from, why is there such an award and how does it exactly work?

Well, I came across these same questions asked all over the internet when I googled “Liebster Award”.  But if you are as curious as I am about everything new; the why’s, the how’s, the what’s, then I can suggest more about it here: Liebster Award.

Liebster Award

Thanks to Hilda Steyn from Yarn in a Barn, for nominating me for this award!

Hilda is one of my bestest hooky friends.  She has a yarn shop in Hartebeestpoortdam and just like me, prefer to work only with natural fiber yarns.  She is an awesome woman and we share so many passions and I think that is why she is so dear to me.  Thanks again Hilda!

Liebster Award 2

The Questions and the Anwers:

1. What is the name of your favourite yarn and why is it your favourite?

Vinnis Colours!!!  Ever since I start working with this yarn, I just couldn’t get enough of it!  The feel, the look, the colours, the smell!!!  It is a 100%, low twist, hand dyed cotton.  You can make almost anything with it and I do “almost” all of my designs in this yarn.

2. What is your favourite type of project (clothing, rugs, afghans, etc)?

Shoes!  It was one of the first items I made for my girls (Mary Jane Shoes) and ever since I got hooked on making shoes.

3. Is your yarn stash well organised or all over the place?

Both!  I consider my little yarn shop in our porch as part of my yarn stash.  When I stand in front of the shelves and have to straighten each ball, turning the label the correct way and place the front ball at the front edge of the shelve.  And when a customer came in and all are messed up again, it will bother me until I correct it the why I like it. Why?  Because of the colours of the yarn.  I love looking at the rainbow of colours in my home!  But then I have a loft as well, with yarn…..all over the place!!!

4. Is there enough yarn in your stash to make an entire blanket from?

I think I will make enough blankets for a whole army!

5. What is your favourite crochet hook brand and why?

Well, this week it is a question that Hilda asks a lot, so I’m not surprised that she is asking it here as well.  She is planning to get the Rolls Royce of hooks for us local hooky addicts.  Up to know I worked only with soft grip hooks and prefer the rounded handles instead of the flat ones, but I’m sure it is going to change soon…..

6. What is your happy colour?

Colour is my happy colour!  I love colours!  Especially looking at nature where I get most of my colour inspiration from.  But if I have to make an exception, I would say aqua.

7. How many WIPs do you have right now?

Mmm…all the new designs I’m busy with, together with the gifts the new baby on the way in the family, plus the WIP’s I’m busy with for my girls, plus….I would say around 18 🙂

8. Where is your favourite hooky place?

When I imagine myself sitting somewhere in nature, far away from the noise and rat race of the city, next to a cool river, my back leaning against an old tree, surrounded with greens, and freshness, and quietness, without a cellphone, laptop or people.  That’s my favorite hooky place….

9. What two words best describe you?

Innovative, Tenacious

10. What do you think will be remembered about you when you are gone?

My love for needle-crafts, definitely!  I was making doll clothes and could knit before I could write my name.

Liebster Award 3

My Nominations are:

Cornell Strydom

Anisa du Plessis

Elsbeth Eksteen

from Hellohart, because these are 3 awesome, talented ladies that do the most interesting interviews with other fiber artists and I was thinking this is a good way to interview them as well 😉


from HeidiBears, as Heidi’s African Flower Animal designs just fascinates.  The talent of this lady is endless!

Magda de Lange

from Pigstails, for Magda’s is to me, like a “wise old soul”, though she is not that old :-D.  Her life experiences; especially her living in the Middle-East; reflects through her photography and crochet creations.

Bridget Henderson

from Cowgirlblues, as Bridget is a very talented Merino yarn dyer and few really know about her product.  I do stock her yarns and you can find some in the shop here on my website, but you have to look at her work on her blog.

Liebster Award 4

The Questions for my Nominees:

1.  Why did you start a blog and what do you mainly blog about?

2.  Did you realize that crochet is becoming the new black?  Why do you think it is becoming so popular?

3.  What is your biggest reason for crocheting/knitting?

4.  Do you prefer working from a pattern or do you make up your own pattern as you go? Why?

5.  Who is your favorite crochet/knitting designer.  Why?

6.  What is your favorite fiber to work with?  Why?

7.  Which is your favorite yarn brand and why?

8.  I short, give an overview of your craft journey since it started.

9.  I assume you have a few WIP’s.  Who doesn’t?  So what inspired your current WIP’s?  Yes, name all of them!

10.  Where is the most unexpected place you ever crochet/knitted?

11.  Which project/design/pattern was your biggest challenge up to now and why?

Liebster Award 5

I hope that all my nominees will participate, as this was actually so much fun to me.  I think that this is a brilliant idea!





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