Month: May 2014

Free Pattern: My Doll Slippers


Since my little girls were babies, I fell in love with Mary Jane shoes as one as my most favorite items to make, either by sewing or crochet. So every now and then, when I’m getting the chance, I’m playing around with shoes. Nevertheless, when my girls got their first dolls, one of the first […] Read more…

A 4th Birthday Party


Wednesday was my girls’ 4th birthday, and when I had to decide on a venue to host the party, the choice was easy; Shelanti Restaurant & Tea Garden. This is where I host my Crochet Classes & Workshops. We had a Princess Birthday Party, and as always, mommy loved the dress-up and decorating part! Beforehand, […] Read more…

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Design your own Beanie


NOTE: THIS IS ONLY A GUIDE AND MAY DIFFER FROM STITCH TO STITCH, PATTERN TO PATTERN, TO YARN USED, TO HOOK SIZE. I get weekly inquiries from ladies asking for help to crochet beanies. Well, here I have a few guidelines made up ​​and at the end, you can find a Free Newborn Beanie and the link to my Granny style beanie available in my Ravelry online […] Read more…

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