A 4th Birthday Party


Wednesday was my girls’ 4th birthday, and when I had to decide on a venue to host the party, the choice was easy;

Shelanti Restaurant & Tea Garden.

This is where I host my Crochet Classes & Workshops.

We had a Princess Birthday Party, and as always, mommy loved the dress-up and decorating part!

Beforehand, I made hand-out invites in the shape of a party dress.  The previous years I did electronic invitations, but decided this year that a princess should hand out proper invitations to her guests.


I made party dresses for the girls, did cake decorating, princess themed snacks, and my favorite…the crowns I made from felt.


We had some fun activities…


And each princess had to decorate her own cupcake!


And here are my two beautiful little princesses!


Congratulations on your 4th Birthday, my precious little angels!

I pray God’s blessings over your life and may you always be aware of His Love and Presence in your life!


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