African Flowers & Buntings


I looove the African Flower motif.  If I see anything done in the African Flower, it draws my attention immediately.

When the T-shirt yarn became a popular medium to crochet with last year; thanks to ladies like Anneke Wiese from Crochet in Paternoster with her beatiful doily patterned rugs from t-shirt yarn, Hilda Steyn from Yarn in a Barn that became the biggest t-shirt yarn supplier in South Africa, together with Selma & Anthea Seyfert from 50Something that was the actual trend setters; I had to play around with it as well.  And what was the first thing to come to mind…an African Flower rug.

So I played around and made a rug for my girl’s room.  I loved it and had to write a proper pattern for it, but never took the time to do it.  Recently I realized that it got time for this rug to see the light…and I took time to work on it and here it is.  My African Flower T-Rug.  The pattern is available on Ravelry and I will soon load it up here on the website as well.

African Flower T-Rug in T-shirt Yarn


While I was busy with this rug, I was thinking of my girl’s room.  I have a rug, I’m busy with their African Flower blanket (currently a WIP for the past year), so I need some more African Flowers!

The patterns I found was either a pentagon, hexagon or octagon…and I wanted hearts, stars, and someting different.

So again I start playing…

And here are my shapes:

A Heart, a Star and a Triangle!!

African Flower Shapes


The pattern is in the Ravelry store as well 🙂

And what jumped to mind first with these shapes?  Bunting!!!

I made a simple triangle flag and…

Bunting with traingles


combined it into a bunting with the African Flower shapes.

Bunting with African Flower Shapes


Here is how I made the Triangle Flags

Traingle Flag Pattern


Vinnis Colours Nikkim

3.5mm hook


This pattern is worked from bottom up.

Row1: Ch2, 2sc in 2nd ch from hook, turn – 2sc

Row2: Ch1, 2sc in 1st st, sc in each remaining st to end of row, turn – 3sc

Row3-21: Repeat row 2. Each row will increase by 1 sc until your stitch count is – 20sc

Row22: Ch3, dc in next st, *ch1, sk 1, dc in next 2 st*, repeat from *to* across the row.

Row23-24: Repeat row 2 again until stitch count is – 22sc

Do not turn or fasten off.  Crochet an edging right around the triagle as follows:

Ch1, sl st into sc on side of triangle, (ch1, sl st) all around the traingle until you reach the start of the edging again.

Fasten off.

Sew away yarn tails

Make as many triangles as you like.  You can add them all throught the holes formed by the ch1, at the dc row.  Or put a ribbon through these holes and make up a bunting by sewing them onto a ribbon, or crochet them together with row of sc on the top edging and a few chains before you add the next flag.

Triangles Bunting


Hope you enjoy making some bunting for the baby’s room, girl’s or boy’s room or some decoration for a specific event or celebration!





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