A 4th Birthday Party


Wednesday was my girls’ 4th birthday, and when I had to decide on a venue to host the party, the choice was easy;

Shelanti Restaurant & Tea Garden.

This is where I host my Crochet Classes & Workshops.

We had a Princess Birthday Party, and as always, mommy loved the dress-up and decorating part!

Beforehand, I made hand-out invites in the shape of a party dress.  The previous years I did electronic invitations, but decided this year that a princess should hand out proper invitations to her guests.


I made party dresses for the girls, did cake decorating, princess themed snacks, and my favorite…the crowns I made from felt.


We had some fun activities…


And each princess had to decorate her own cupcake!


And here are my two beautiful little princesses!


Congratulations on your 4th Birthday, my precious little angels!

I pray God’s blessings over your life and may you always be aware of His Love and Presence in your life!

Design your own Beanie




I get weekly inquiries from ladies asking for help to crochet beanies.

Well, here I have a few guidelines made up ​​and at the end, you can find a Free Newborn Beanie and the link to my Granny style beanie available in my Ravelry online shop.
To design your own beanie sounds very challenging, but once you get the basic concept on how to crochet a flat circle, and you have the basic head measurements, it is very simple.

But first I’m going to give you a few rules for the use of specific stitches. The stitch you are using will determine how accurate your measurements for different sizes will be.

Let’s start with measurements:



Head circumference:

Measurements are taken with a measuring tape horizontally around the forehead.

Make sure the tape measure is horizontally parallel to take correct measurements.

Beanie length:

The length of the beanie is measured from the crown to the bottom of the earlobe.

I’ve seen beanie patterns on the web that are simply to short. It looks ridiculous when a beanie stops just above the ear. Make your beanie rather too long than too short. It is more practical, especially for children who are still growing.

Next is the flat circle or crown of the beanie:



How many times did you crochet a circles that simply refuses to lie flat?

It all depends on the kind of stitch you’re using and the amount of stitches worked into the foundation circle plus how you increase in each round.

What to remember?

  1. The number of stitches needed depends upon the height of the stitch. The taller the stitch the more stitches required.
  2. When you use the same stitch throughout your motif, the number of stitches to be added on subsequent rounds is the same for every round. That number is the same number of stitches used in round one.
  3. Increases should be made one by one and spaced evenly as possible around.

See fig.1.1 below

Table 1.1 Type of stitch versus amount of stitches versus increase for each round.

Each2nd Stitch
Each3rd Stitch
Each4th Stitch
ROUND 6 Increase
Each5th Stitch
sc 6 = 12 = 18 = 24 = 30 = 36 + 6
hdc 8 = 16 = 24 = 32 = 40 = 48 + 8
dc 12 = 24 = 36 = 48 = 60 = 72 12 +
tr 18 = 36 = 54 = 72 = 90 = 108 18 +
dtr 24 = 48 = 72 = 96 = 120 = 144 24 +

The most effective stitch that I found for successive size increase for beanies is the hdc (half double crochet).

The dc (double crochet) can be very variable in increasing, but I adjust my increase in the last round by skipping every 2nd increasing stitch pair, so instead of 12 increased stitches in that round, I will have only 6.

Figure 1.1 Equal increase in Double Crochet.

Circle Diagram 1.4 clear


The measurements for the CROWN will be as follows:

Head circumference minus 5cm = perimeter of flat circle.

Now for the sides:



To keep it simple, keep the stitch type you use for the crown. Once pattern stitches are incorporated, the size of the beanie around the head will be influenced. Some stitch patterns gives a tighter tension on the item, others give a looser tension.

For the sides; stop increasing, and just keep up with the number of stitches that you ended with in the last increasing round of the crown.

Continue until you reached the required length.

Here is a table with basic measurements of head circumference, crown length and circumference of beanie.

Table 1.2 Beanie measurements guide in centimeters

Size Head Circumference Hat Circumference Beanie Perimeter Length (crown to base of ear)
Newborn 34 31 29 13
3 Months 41 39 36 15
6 Months 43 40 38 16
12 Months 46 43 41 17
2 Years 48 45 43 18
3-5 years 51 48 46 19
6-10 years 53 50 48 20
Teen to Adult 56-61 51-56 51-56 21-22

Remember as I said at the beginning, this is just a guideline. You have to play with the yarn, hook size, type of stitch and stitch pattern, if you want to use it this way.

Play around, do not be afraid!

Here is a FREE PATTERN Newborn Beanie!

Here is my STYLE Granny Beanie in sizes Newborn to Adult !

I trust that this information is of value to you and that you will design your own beanie very soon.

Good luck and enjoy!






April is ‘n baie belangrike maand in die Snyman huis.
Dan word daar ‘n huweliksherdenking en 2 verjaardae sommer 3 dae in ‘n ry gevier.
Die 7de het ons, ons 7de huweliksherdenking gevier.
Die 8e was manlief se verjaardag en die 9e was dit my voorreg om nog ‘n lewensjaar te vier.
En ek kon dit weer saam met baie spesiale vriendinne doen.
En almal van hulle hekel natuurlik.
Maar wat vir my so spesiaal is, is die geskenkies wat hulle aan dra!
Alles handgemaak!!!

tmp blog

Ek het my eie eerste gehekelde waslappie gekry!! Want jy hekel die mos vir almal behalwe jouself.
Ekt my eerste “teapot cozy” gekry, want die word ook altyd as geskenke vir ander gemaak, en jou eie teepot staan en koud kry.
En die mooiste mosaic harte! Want die liefde vir handewerk vier hooggety!
En dan, om dit af te rond…die mooiste blikkie (met ietsie wat lekker ruik daarbinne vir die waslappie), want ek hou van houertjies. As ek iets binne in iets kan pak, is my hart gelukkig.
En moenie van al die lekker eetgoed vergeet wat ons geniet het nie!!!

tmp blog 1

Dankie vir almal wat die dag saam met my gedeel het, vir die sms’e, die whatsapp boodskappe, die facebook posts, die facebook boodskappe, eposse, en oproepe. Ek het baie spesiaal gevoel, want my lewe is gevul met spesiale mense soos julle!!

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