Tunisian Along TAL – Patchwork Blanket

Patchwork Blanket Tunisian Along (TAL) – Part 1


Tunisian Crochet Patchwork Blanket Tunisian Along TAL Btrix Dsigns

Welcome to PART 1 of 6 of the Patchwork Blanket Tunisian Along – TAL!

If you missed the INTRODUCTION on the TAL, please read all about it HERE.

The INTRODUCTION covers the following:

  • How the TAL will be approached; that is, what you can expect.
  • What the TAL is all about; that is, what we will make, what you will need, where you will find it..

About PART 1

Get ready and GO!

Here is the VIDEO to PART 1 of our Tunisian Along!

And also a pdf Patchwork Blanket Tunisian Along PART 1_PDF

Make sure you watch the whole video as I give many tips and hints throughout.

You will master:

These sections of the Colour Schematic under the INSTRUCTIONS for the Patchwork Blanket is what you will be working in this part.

In the BLOG you will find the following:

  • Pattern Notes
  • Instructions
  • The recommended Yarn and how to substitute.
  • Recommended Hook and the size in different hook size systems.
  • How to substitute the colours.

Pattern Notes
  • This pattern is written in American Terminology, where conventional crochet terms are concerned.
  • The pattern is worked in “Tunisian Simple Stitch (Tss)”.
  • Colour changes are done to create 4 different block sections, a Large Square, Small Square, Vertical Rectangle and Horizontal Rectangle to give the Patchwork look to the Blanket.
  • The diagram to the suggested colours for each block will be revealed in sections.  One section during each Part of this Tunisian Along.
  • For Colour Changes, watch the video on “Changing Colours on the sides”.  The colour change transitions on the foundation chain and during each row, will be shown in the video for PART 1.
  • Block the finished project.  Wet block for wool and acrylics, spray block for cotton and bamboo.  A video will be shared about blocking at a later stage.
  • This step is omitted in the instructions for the start of the (Forward) and should be considered:

 Skip the vertical bar of the 1st stitch with loop on hook and continue with pattern  instructions.

  • (Return) is worked as follows:

“YO, pull through 1 loop on hook, *YO and pull through  2; rep from * until ONE loop remains”, except where instructions shows differently.


For Patchwork Panel 1 and 2

Foundation Row: (These colours are for Patchwork Panel 1, but follow the same method to do foundation chain for Patchwork Panel 2) Ch 17 in Col A, join by YO with Col I and continue to ch 34, join by YO with Col H and continue to ch 34, pull up a loop from back bar of 2nd ch from hook and each ch across, doing colour change at relevant sts. (Return) (see Pattern Notes for omitted instructions). (85 Tss)

Row 1: (Forward) (see Pattern Notes for omitted instructions) Tss each st across, doing colour changes on relevant sts. (Return) (see Pattern Notes for omitted instructions). (85 Tss)

Rep Row 1, following the Patchwork Panel schematics for colour changes and the stitch- and row counts for each shape as shown below:

Stitch and Row counts

Block sizes Stitch and Row count per Block
Vertical Rectangle                                                            17 sts x 30 rows


Horizontal Rectangle                                                         34 sts x 15 rows


Small Square                                                                   17 sts x 15 rows


Large Square                                                                    34 sts x 30 rows


Below is the SCHEMATIC for the COLOUR CHANGES.

Use the COLOUR KEY in the YARN INFORMATION CHART below to follow the recommended colour changes.

If you do not use the recommended colours and yarn, see the sections on “Yarn and Substitution” and “Substitute Colours” below.

Colour Schematic – PART 1

PART 1 – Section for Panel 1

PART 1 – Section for Panel 2


  • Denim
  • Seashell
  • Pickled Ginger
  • Willow
  • Coco


  • Charcoal
  • Denim
  • Willow
  • Fawn
  • Coco

Here is a PDF for PART 1:

Patchwork Blanket Tunisian Along PART 1_PDF

And you can watch PART 1:

Patchwork Blanket Tunisian-Along PART 1_video

Recommended Yarn and Substitution

Nurturing Fibres Eco-Fusion

  • 50% Bamboo / 50% Cotton  
  • 4-ply – wpi 17
  • 50g/125m
  • in each of the following 16 colours:

Colour Key and Yarn Info

Yarn Quantity Colour Colour Key NF Eco-Fusion








































Pickled Ginger









If you are not able to use the recommended yarn, you can use any yarn with a WPI (wraps per inch) of 17.  This classifies as a:

  • fine #2
  • sport weight (US)
  • 4-ply (UK & SA)
  • 5-ply (NZ & AUS)

If you can’t identify the weight of your yarn, make sure you watch my video on “Wraps Per Inch Method “ to determine the weight of yarn.

Here is a chart that you can use as a guide for Yarn Weights and the recommended Tunisian Hook Sizes.

Yarn Weight Chart and Recommended Tunisian Hook Sizes

Yarn Weight Classification

Yarn Weight


Yarn weight

UK, SA   &  Other

WPI (wraps per inch)

Recommended Crochet Hook Size

Recommended Tunisian Hook Size

0 – Lace Lace 2-ply 22> <2.75mm 3-5mm
1 – Superfine Fingering/Sock 3-4ply 19-22 2.25-3.5mm 3.5-6mm
2 – Fine Sport 4-5ply 15-18 3.5-4.5mm 4-6mm
3 – Light Light Worsted 8-ply/DK 12-14 4.5-5.5mm 6-8mm
4 – Medium Worsted 10-ply/ Aran 9-11 5.5-6.5mm 7-10mm
5 – Bulky Bulky 12-ply/ Chunky 7-8 6.5-9mm 9-12mm
6 – Super Bulky Super Bulky 14-ply/ Super Chunky 5-6 9-15mm 12-18mm
7 – Jumbo Jumbo Roving <5 15mm> 18mm>

Recommended Hook

5mm Tunisian Interchangeable hook with

  • 40cm cable if you make ONE panel at a time or
  • 80cm cable if you want to make both panels at the same time.

Here is a chart for the different hook size systems:

Hook Size Systems for Recommended Hook

Metric Range

UK Size

US Size




Substitute Colours

What if you do not want to use the 16 colours we recommend and wants to use your own colour combinations?

Here is a diagram on how the different blocks are laid together, without any colour suggestions.  Use it to add your own colours randomly or use the Colour Key in the chart above to allocate your own colour to each colour suggested and continue to participate in each week’s Part of the Tunisian Along, as the layout of coloured blocks for each Part will be revealed.

Schematic Outlines for Colours

Patchwork Blanket Tunisian Along Schematic oulines Btrix Dsigns

Patchwork Blanket Tunisian Along Schematic Oulines_Btrix Dsigns PDF

Enjoy this Tunisian Fun-along!




Patchwork Blanket Tunisian Along (TAL) – Introduction


Tunisian Crochet Patchwork Blanket Tunisian Along TAL Btrix Dsigns front

Welcome to our first Tunisian Along – TAL!

I hope that you will enjoy it together with us!

Just to get you informed of what we will do and how it will happen, here is a break down of everything:

1. How will the TAL be approached?

2. What is the TAL all about?

How will the TAL be approached?

  • This website blog will be the ONLY place (click here) where the info regarding the TAL will be shared.
  • Each PART of the TAL will be posted here with all the relevant information and links.
  • Please make sure that you SIGN UP for the Newsletter (click here), so that you can be informed when a new PART gets released.
  • NO PHOTO TUTORIALS will be available.  We are using a different approach!!  YOUTUBE videos from BEATRIX SNYMAN channel! (Click here)  I have a youtube channel where you please have to SUBSCRIBE to.  All the links to relevant tutorials will be shared with you in each Part of the TAL.   Watch the videos and share with all your crochet-crazy friends.
  • On the blog, the PATTERN will be shared in sections (click here) relevant to the specific Part that gets released.   At the end of the TAL, the pattern will be available as a complete pdf on my Ravelry store.
  • On facebook there is a group for all Tunisian Crochet lovers to join and where you can interact with each other.  We Tunisian Crochet (click here).  Join the group as all the announcements will be shared there as well.  There are rules to this group though.  The important rule is that the administrators of the group and the TAL will not be able to answer obvious questions and complains that are addressed on the blog or the videos.  The group will solely be for the interaction between the TAL participants, for the administrators to share the relevant information and keep you updated.  Please read the rules.

What is the TAL all about?

Our main aim with the TAL’s is to grow the Tunisian Crochet community.  I found that there are so many that want to try this skill, but never get around to actually do it.  We want to motivate you to start if you are one of them.

Here are the basic info of the project:

We will make a blanket that consists of two panels that will be joined together.  The original blanket was made in my own hand dyed merino yarns, but for the purpose of the TAL it will be done in the Nurturing Fibres – Eco-fusion that will give it a soft, luxurious look and feel.

There are 6 Parts and will run from 15 February – 12 April.  Click here to see more about the schedule dates.  During each Part, the colours that are used will be announced as we go along.  This will make the project more of a mystery and a lot of fun.  (See more info on the yarn and yarn amounts below)

We will focus on the following techniques:

  • How to start with the Foundation Chain.
  • How to work the Foundation Row.
  • Learn the Tunisian Simple Stitch.
  • What to do with typical troubleshooting areas.
  • How to change colour on the sides.
  • How to bind-off.
  • Work the double crochet (US).
  • How to join with the reverse single crochet or crab stitch (US).




18x Nurturing Fibres (Eco-Fusion 50% Bamboo / 50% Cotton   4-ply  50g/125m – wpi 17)

  • 2 x 100g in 2 main colours + 14 x 50g in different colours.

A kit will be available at MandalaQueen’s website_click here to order.

Remember that the colours used in each Part will be announced as we go along.  This makes the TAL more of a mystery and more fun.   So make sure that you order your kit TODAY so that you have all the relevant colours available, otherwise you will have to wait on each Part for the colour announcement or have to select your own colours according to the Yarn info given above.  The photo below gives you an indication of the colours used.

Click on the photo to order your full kit.

Tunisian Crochet Along TAL Patchwork Blanket TAL_Kit_Btrix Dsigns

Kit Available
18 x Nurturing Fibers in 16 different colours (kit options can include hook)
10% discount will be available until 15 February 2019 (valid only on website purchases)
Available at mandalaqueen


5mm Tunisian Interchangeable hook with 40cm cable

Extra Materials

Tapestry Needle


21 Tss x 18 rows = 10cm x 10cm after blocking

Approximate Dimensions

After completed and blocked:

Width – 87cm / Length – 132cm  

Very Important!

Two very important things that you have to do so that you do not miss out on anything:

  1. Sign up for our newsletter!
  2. Subscribe and click on the “bell” button on my youtube videos!

To start off, here is the first video to get you hooked and prepared on Tunisian Crochet and for the kick-off on our first TAL – the PATCHWORK BLANKET TUNISIAN ALONG!

Enjoy this TAL with us!




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