Fancy Dye: What’s in the Name?


I am a very bad blogger.  This is something that I just can’t keep up in doing on a regular base.  There are too many things taking up my time in a day….
Yes I knoooowww!!  Plannnn!!  Do a little bit at a time!
I am one of those people that have to focus on one thing at a time.  The minute I get distracted I just can’t get my focus back and then I move on.  With 2 six year old young ladies, distractions happen every 5 seconds….like just now! “Mamma, I want prestic!”  And that sentence was not even finish then it was: “Mamma, can I have one of your stickers?”  And then, 2 seconds, “Mamma, can I go to my friend next door?”  Sigh…..

And that is what life is all about, isn’t it??  Our families!
The Fancy Dye yarns are exactly what this is all about.  Family and life events.

Fancy Dyed Yarns page 1

The Self striping yarn.  We just started with Grade 1 and we are homeschooling!  I know, crazy!!  But I’m a very determined person and it is something that I decided to do even before I had children.  It is a personal conviction and hey! we survived our first few weeks!!  So, with all the craziness of sounds, words, writing and reading, I thought of bringing some of the fun into my yarns.  The names for the self striping yarns are mainly homophones that I use with the “wrong” meaning like: Lazy Daze instead of Lazy Days and Sow Easy instead of So Easy.
Isn’t that fun?

Lazy Daze - Selfstriping

The Variegated yarn.  This is all about family and life.  I chose important life events to name these yarns like: Mom’s Birthday….which is obvious!! (wink-wink), Road Trip….which is always a good idea to have as a family, Make Me Proud…for those moments when you feel proud of a child’s accomplishment or your husband’s promotion (don’t we all???) or when you yourself mastered that pattern that was written for the Bachelors Degree student.


Click on the photos to see more Fancy Dyed yarns!


Variegated_Grandmas Wisdom Variegated_Me Time Variegated_Road Trip Variegated_Her First Word


Life is short!  Enjoy it!

But enjoy it with the ones you love!!




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