Patchwork Blanket Tunisian Along (TAL) – Part 3


Welcome to PART 3 of 6 of the Patchwork Blanket Tunisian Along – TAL!

If you missed the Introduction and Parts 1 and 2, you can find the

The INTRODUCTION covers the following:

  • How the TAL will be approached; that is, what you can expect.
  • What the TAL is all about; that is, what we will make, what you will need, where you will find it..

PART 1 covers the following:

  • Pattern Notes
  • Instructions
  • The recommended Yarn and how to substitute.
  • Recommended Hook and the size in different hook size systems.
  • How to substitute the colours.

PART 2 covers the following:

  • colour change again,
  • how to crochet away the yarn tails,
  • some common mistakes that we make during the return and forward pass and how to correct them when ripping our work.

About PART 3

Here you will find the VIDEO to PART 3 of our Tunisian Along!

And also a PDF for the Patchwork Blanket Tunisian Along_PART 3

Make sure you watch the complete video as I give many tips and hints throughout.

In the video for PART 3 we will look at:

  • get organized,
  • how to make a swatch,
  • how to determine your gauge,
  • how to calculate your yarn quantities when you need to substitute yarn for this Patchwork Blanket or plan your own project.

In this blog for PART 3 you will find:

  • Colour Schematic for PART 3,
  • Calculate yarn quantities for yarn substitution on the Patchwork Blanket.

Colour Schematic – PART 3
PART 3 – Sections 1, 2 & 3  for Panel 1 PART 3 – Sections 1, 2 & 3 for Panel 2

Colours for 3rd Section:

  • Olive
  • Denim
  • Willow
  • Pickled Ginger
  • Bordeaux
  • Coco
  • Fawn
  • Orchid

Colours for 3rd Section:

  • Watershed
  • Seashell
  • Willow
  • Vanilla
  • Coco
  • Aventurine
  • Charcoal
  • Fawn


Here is a PDF for PART 3:

Patchwork Blanket Tunisian Along_PART 3_pdf

And you can watch PART 3:

Patchwork Blanket Tunisian-Along PART 3_video

Calculate Yarn Quantities for Yarn Substitution on the Patchwork Blanket

Many of you either could not get hold of the suggested yarns that we use for this TAL or you chose to use yarn from your own stash or buy a different yarn brand.  Some of these yarns you chose are also not the same weight as the yarn we use in the TAL-kit and therefor your yarn quantities will differ.

I decided compile this information to help you with that and hopefully it might even help you with any future projects.

There are different ways to determine your yarn quantities for a project, but I chose this method for various reasons.

  • First of all I had in mind that you do not like to swatch, just like me.  Even though I am a designer, I like to use shortcuts.  This method can help even if you started the project halfway.
  • This method is good to use for simple projects, like this Patchwork Blanket, which are worked up in different blocks, but are all divisible by the stitches and rows of the small block in this pattern.
You will need:
  1. The FREE worksheet for “Calculate Yarn Quantities” that you can add to your “My 2019 Crochet & Knit Planner” (see links below).
  2. A scale that can weigh at least to 0.1g.
  3. A Calculator.
  4. A Pencil.
  5. A Knitting Gauge
  6. 4 T-pins
How does it work?
  1. Print the worksheet that is given below and determine the information for the Project.
  2. Make a swatch from the yarn and hook size that you will use, but make sure that it is bigger than 10cm x 10cm.
  3. You can then determine the amount of stitches and rows for 10cm x 10cm and keep the information if you need to add or subtract centimeters or stitches from your project. (NOTE: if you started your blanket, consider the whole panel as a “swatch”)
  4. Count the stitches and rows of your swatch.
  5. Weigh the swatch.
  6. Do the calculations on the worksheet as given and determine:
  • the total amount of stitches of the swatch by multiplying the stitches and rows,
  • the weight per stitch by dividing the weight of the swatch by the total amount of stitches of the swatch,
  • the total amount of stitches for the SMALL SQUARE on the Patchwork Blanket Pattern by multiplying the stitches and rows of the square,
  • the weight of ONE SMALL SQUARE (this is the amount of yarn you will use) by multiplying the total amount of stitches for the SMALL SQUARE by the weight per stitch.

This will give you the total amount of yarn in grams (or ounces if you used in the imperial system) that you will need for ONE SMALL SQUARE of the Patchwork Blanket.

7. Now use the sheet for the Schematic Outlines of the Colours that is also available as a PDF in PART 1 (see the link below) and allocate yarn amounts to each of the SQUARES & RECTANGLES.

ONE LARGE SQUARE will be the same as 4 x SMALL SQUARES and both the RECTANGLES are the same as 2 x SMALL SQUARES.

Patchwork Blanket Tunisian Along Schematic Oulines_Btrix Dsigns PDF

Patchwork Blanket Tunisian Along Schematic oulines Btrix Dsigns

To have this calculations in more detail, watch the video on PART 3 of the PATCHWORK BLANKET TUNISIAN-ALONG.

Enjoy this Tunisian Fun-along!



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