Pattern: Granny Style Boots


I haven’t been here for quite a while, I know, but it has been a busy few months between classes and workshops, yarn sales, getting patterns in order to get them published for you, and then there’s the girlies and hubby been either overseas or on courses.  Mentioning the latter, I am very proud to announce that hubby got a promotion at work.  I’m so proud of him as he really works hard.

But, between all the “hecticness” of a busy household and keeping a small business going, I managed to get my Granny Style Boot pattern in order!

I make these boots for quite a few years now, and many of my customers asked for the pattern.  My reply?  It’s in my head!!! or scribbled down in my short hand (that only I would understand of course) in one of my many note books lying all over the place.

Belinda Erasmus_3

These pair of boots was my first hit.  I used Elle Pure Gold – DK back then.  That was before I became a Natural Yarn Snob!!

One of my husband’s colleagues is a photographer, and when her eldest was a newborn, she took this photo for me.

In the mean time, I made many pairs, in mono colours, multi colours, as sets with beanies or ear flap hats…

Granny Style Beanie & Boots

These are one of my latest sets.  Yes, it is my Granny Style Beanie, with a matching set of the Granny Style Boots.

Both will be available in my website shop and on ravelry.

Granny Style Boot

The pattern I wrote for Vinnis Colours Bambi, using 2-strands together with a size 4.5mm/7(US).

I found that I can use the Vinnis Colours Nikkim as well, in the same manner, and the sizing works out the same.

In the above photo, I used Vinnis Colours Nikkim, but the Bambi is just sooo much softer.

The pattern is for the intermediate hooker, so be warned.  To crochet shoes in general is not a good start for beginners.  The stitch count is very important in this pattern, as well as the placement of your joining slip stitch after each round the the sole, sides and top.  The cuffs are worked in rows and you can either end of each colour or carry it along the side until you have to use it in another row.  Easy to do with unequal amount of colours.

Here are some simplified variations I made before.  I didn’t use the granny cluster in the cuff, but just made plain hdc rows.

Granny Style Boot Variation 1 Granny Style Boot Variation 2 Granny Style Boot Variation 3

Hope you enjoy the pattern when you try it!




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