Pattern – Tunisian Trendy Cushion (free)


This is a very easy pattern to get some practice on your Tunisian Simple Stitch and the Tunisian Full Stitch.

Watch some videos on how to work the Tunisian Simple Stitch and Tunisian Full Stitch.  You can also find written tutorials here on the website when you follow this link: Tunisian Stitch Written Tutorials

To learn how to change colour, watch this video






-Light worsted/DK/8ply

-100 % cotton

-100g/270m (295y) – wpi 14

Or any substitute yarn with above yarn weight, in 2 different colours.

150g Main Colour

150g Contrast Colour



5 mm Tunisian Interchangeable hooks with 40cm cable


5mm Standard Tunisian hook


Extra Materials

Tapestry Needle

40cm x 40cm scatter cushion


ch – chain

CC – Contrasting Colour

fch – foundation chain

hk – hook

lp(s) – loop(s)

MC – Main Colour

PM – place marker

rep – repeat

RS – Right Side

sc – single crochet

slst(s) – slip stitch(es)

st(s) – stitch(es)

V-bar(s) – vertical bar(s)

WS – wrong side

YO – yarn over



37 Tss x 37 rows = 20cm x 20cm  and

35 Tfs x 36 rows = 20cm x 20cm


Approximate Dimensions

45cm x 45cm squares



Tss (Tunisian Simple Stitch): Insert hook under front v-bar, YO, pull up a loop. (Click here to watch video on Tunisian Simple Stitch – Lesson 3)

Tfs (Tunisian Full Stitch): Insert hook in space between two stitches (one stitch = front and back V-bars), YO, pull up a loop. (Click here to watch video on Tunisian Full Stitch)


Pattern notes

– This pattern is written in American Terminology, where conventional crochet terms are concerned.

– Two squares are worked in two different Tunisian stitch types with different colour changes.

  • The 1st square is worked in Tunisian Simple Stitch. The first ⅓ of the square is worked in MC, the second ⅓ is worked in both MC & CC with colour change and alternated on each row during the return pass. The last ⅓ is again worked in solid with CC.
  • The 2nd square is worked in Tunisian Full Stitch. Each row is alternated with different 2 colours during the forward pass. (Watch this video for changing colour successfully.)

– The two completed squares are then joined with mattress stitch.  See instructions under “Finishing”.

This step is omitted in the instructions for the start of the (Forward)  and should be considered:

  • Skip the vertical bar of the 1st  stitch with loop on hook and continue with pattern  instructions.

– (Return) is worked as follows:

  •  “YO, pull through 1 lp on hk, *YO  and pull   through  2; rep from * until ONE lp rem”, except where instructions shows differently.


Square 1 in Tunisian Simple Stitch.


Foundation Row: ch 84, pull up a lp from back bar of 2nd ch from hook and each ch across, Return. (84 Tss)

Row 1: (Forward) Tss each st across. (Return). (35 Tss)

Rep Row 1 TWENTY SIX times more.

Join CC and FASTEN OFF MC. Do ONE forward pass in CC and JOIN MC again. (Return) with MC (one row complete)

Continue the following 2 rows in TSS:

Forward pass in MC, return pass in CC.

Forward pass in CC, return pass in MM.

Repeat these two rows until TWENTY EIGHT rows worked in these colour changes (make sure that row 28 was worked in MC forward and CC return).

Fasten of MC.

Work TWENTY EIGHT more rows Tss in CC.

Close the last row with sl sts. Fasten off and sew away yarn tails.

Square 2 in Tunisian Full Stitch.


Foundation Row: ch 79, pull up a lp from back bar of 2nd ch from hook and each ch across, Return. (79 Tss)

Row 1: (Forward) Tfs in sp between next 2 sts and into each sp between stitches across up to last sp, sk last sp, Tss last st. (Return). (79 sts)

Do not fasten off.


Row 2: (Forward) sk sp between 1st two sts and Tfs in sp between 2nd and 3rd sts, Tfs into each sp between stitches across up to last st, Tss last st. (Return). (79 sts)

Do not fasten off.

Row 1 & 2 makes the pattern repeat for the Goblin Stitch.

Work every uneven number of rows in MC and every even number in CC until 81 rows worked; carry the two colours on the side.

Close the last row with sl sts of the same colour.

Fasten off. Sew away all yarn tails.


Join 3 sides of the two squares by sewing them together in mattress stitch that is explained below.  Insert the scatter cushion and repeat to close the last side in mattress stitch.

How to work the mattress stitch
  • Lay the pieces next to each other with the right sides facing up.
  • If the yarn tail you left on the piece is long enough, use it to start at the corner of that piece, and then join to the corner of the next piece using a figure eight.
  • Allocate the horizontal bars just behind the edge stitches. These are the loops that you will work into. First catch the horizontal bars of the piece you started the joining yarn on, and then work under the horizontal bars of the other piece parallel to the first piece. Continue back and forth in this manner, pulling on the yarn every few stitches to close the seam, until you joined all the stitches.

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Hope you enjoy it!


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