Btrix Yarns

Btrix Yarns are hand-dyed, natural fiber yarns. When I had to choose a name for the yarns, nothing made me feel happy, inspired, excited for that was the feeling and statement I wanted to spread through my colours and the fibers. Then, I thought of my business name, Btrix Dsigns, and it hit me. Derived from my own name “Beatrix”, which in Latin means “she who brings happiness”, it is the perfect name for Emanating Happiness through beautifully hand-dyed yarns!
I prefer for each skein or ball that you buy, to have it’s own uniqueness. With the techniques I use, I prefer for even my semi-solid colours, to have a surprise of variegation. This create a much marbled effect on your project, which is the exclusiveness provided by hand-dyed yarns.
Repeatable colourways will be available in the future, but for now, enjoy the uniqueness of each skein or ball you purchase.
May you feel happy and inspired, every time you hold Btrix Yarns in your hands!

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  1. cmatchett6
    April 5, 2018 at 16:30 (2 years ago)

    An absolutely awesome book. I teach as well and I have bought your book at the local book shop. I show it to all my students & advise them to look for it. If I had written a book as a teaching aide – it would very similar to yours! It has very clear & concise information & is very well illustrated. An absolute pleasure to have in my collection. Very well done!!!!!

    • Beatrix
      April 5, 2018 at 16:45 (2 years ago)

      Wow, wow! Thank you so much for your beautiful comment on my book! I must say, it is exactly where it was born from; from manuals I compiled over the years with all the classes and workshops I taught. I am so pleased that it actually serves its purpose, to teach and be adequately informative. Thank you for referring it and enjoy using it during your classes if you do.

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