Tunisian Hooks with Extension


R 102.00

These are Tunisian Crochet hooks with fixed nylon extensions in various lengths.

Wooden Tunisian Crochet hooks are excellent substitutes for people that suffers from pain like Rheumatic Arthritis or Osteo-Arthritis as it gives a more gentle and warmer grip.

Because these hooks are hand crafted, the sizes might differ slightly from the standard size.

Available in:

  • 5mm with 600mm extension
  • 6mm with 600mm extension




Taking care of your wooden hooks:

  • Wooden hooks might feel a bit coarse when they are new, but using tissue paper and rubbing it for a while might help smooth the surface. It will also become more smooth after a while of crocheting.
  • Use lemon oil to rub into the wood every now and then for keeping it from drying out.

Additional information


5mm, 6mm

Extension Length

600mm, 800mm


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