Stitch 5_Tunisian Purl Stitch (Tps)


The Tunisian Purl Stitch represents the typical Purl Stitch in knitting.  It is obtained by keeping the working yarn in the front of your work, while inserting your hook in the same way as for Tunisian Simple Stitch, but by bringing the yarn from the front around the V-bar and under the hook, it creates small bumps on the front of the work.

The back still has the typical ridge as with most Tunisian Crochet stitches and therefor represents the Tunisian Reverse Stitch.  For this reason, there is a lot of controversy between the Tunisian Purl Stitch and the Tunisian Reverse Stitch, as both these stitches resembles the opposite of each other on both their Right Sides AND their Wrong Sides.  Some designers or authors may refer to the Purl Stitch as I illustrate it here, as the Reverse Stitch and others may explain it the way I do.  Whichever way, it is good to get yourself familiarize with both these stitches, so that you can easily identify them and know how they are formed.

This stitch works beautiful stitch patterns when worked in conjunction with Tunisian Simple Stitch, the Tunisian Knit Stitch or other Tunisian stitch types.

Use the Purl Stitch to successfully eliminate the typical curl of most Tunisian stitches.  Watch my YouTube video on “Troubleshooting”  to find tips and tricks on this method and more.





Return or Close Stitch




Amount of Stitches for Stitch Pattern

Any amount of stitches


Tps – Tunisian Purl Stitch

sc – single crochet (US)

ch – chain

lp(s) – loop(s)

rep – repeat

slst(s) – slip stitch(es)

Tss-wise – Tunisian Simple Stitch Wise (watch this video on hook placements)

v-bar(s) – vertical bar(s)

YO – yarn over


For the purpose of creating a Tunisian Sampler Blanket that you will find HERE, let’s work a square as follows:

Ch 35, (work the following pattern for 34 rows incl the foundation row or until square)

Method 1

1. Foundation Row:  Find a tutorial on the Foundation Row HERE.

2. Row 1: (Forward Pass) Skip the 1st v-bar and *bring yarn to front of work (it will also be in front of the hook),

3. insert the hook from side-to-side under the next (2nd) v-bar in the direction you work,

4.bring yarn under the hook towards back, to yarn over and pull up a loop;



Pinch yarn on front as you yarn over to pull a loop.  This will help keep the stitch open so that you can actually get the hook through as you pull a loop up.


5. Rep from * across to last stitch,


Watch this video to see more on the “Stitch Anatomy”

6. work last st as for Tss or Tps (This is the ch-1 of the previous row.  Insert hook behind both the front v-bar and the back bar of the chain or insert the hook as if going to work a Tps only in the front v-bar).


Watch this video to see how to work the last stitch Tss-wise or as for Tps as shown in illustrations below



7. (Return Pass) ch1, close as for Tss [*YO and pull through 2 loops (one ch will be formed while one loop from the hook will be dropped); rep from * across until ONE loop remains].

8. Rep rows1 for pattern.
9. Ending off: sk 1st v- bar, sl st into next stitch Tps-wise.


Method 2

Steps 1-3 are the same as for METHOD 1.

Step 4.bring yarn under the hook towards back, then HOOK OVER the YARN and pull up a loop;


Continue from Step 5 for METHOD 1

Watch the full video on the Tunisian Purl Stitch with lots of tips and trix.


The Tunisian Crescent Moon Shawl  is worked in short rows, if that is a skill you want to add to your Tunisian Crochet repertoire.  It is worked in Tunisian Extended Stitch with Tunisian Purl Stitch sections added for some texture.

Great for the Intermediate or the adventurous crocheter.

Find the pattern in my Ravelry Store, or just click on this link: Tunisian Crescent Moon Shawl


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