Stitch 6_Tunisian Top Bar (Ttb) (AKA Top Loop / Upper Horizontal Bar)


The Tunisian Top Bar Stitch is a variation of the Tunisian Simple Stitch and is also known as the Top Loop stitch or the Top / Upper Horizontal Bar stitch.  The latter indicates exactly how this stitch is worked, pulling the loops up from the top or upper horizontal bar. The fabric it creates is less dense than that of the Tunisian Simple Stitch and the V-bars create a more off-center, diagonal staggering line giving it a differently textured and more flexible fabric.

Using the The Tunisian Top Bar stitch also gives considerably less curl than the Tunisian Simple Stitch.  It is also excellent to use during increasing to create a more invisible increase than stitches like the Tunisian Full Stitch.



Ttb           Tes


Return or Close Stitch




2 variations on working the first and last stitch on the forward pass:


Amount of Stitches for Stitch Pattern

Any amount of stitches


Ttb – Tunisian Top Bar Stitch

sc – single crochet (US)

ch – chain

lp(s) – loop(s)

rep – repeat

slst(s) – slip stitch(es)

Tes – Tunisian Extended Stitch

Tss-wise – Tunisian Simple Stitch Wise (watch this video on hook placements)

v-bar(s) – vertical bar(s)

YO – yarn over


For the purpose of creating a Tunisian Sampler Blanket that you will find HERE, let’s work a square as follows:

Ch 35, (work the following pattern for 34 rows incl the foundation row or until square)

1. Foundation Row:  Find a tutorial on the Foundation Row HERE.
2. Row 1: (Forward Pass) Skip the 1st v-bar and skip the 1st top horizontal bar (the 1st top bar is allocated to the 1st vertical bar),

3. *insert the hook from front to back under the next horizontal bar,

4. yarn over and pull up a loop;


5. Rep from * across to last stitch (last top horizontal bar),


6. work last st as for Tss (This is the ch-1 of the previous row.  Insert hook behind both the front v-bar and the back bar of the chain).


Watch this video to see how to work the last stitch Tss-wise


7. (Return Pass) ch1, close as for Tss [*YO and pull through 2 loops (one ch will be formed while one loop from the hook will be dropped); rep from * across until ONE loop remains].


8. Rep rows 1 for pattern.

9. Ending off: sk 1st v- bar, sl st in 2nd horizontal bar and each horizontal bar across, sl st into last st Tss-wise.


Variation on working 1st & last stitch

Steps 2: ch 1, continue with Step 2,



Pull on the chain to tighten it so that it is not too loose, which can make the side wobbly

Continue from Step 3 up to Step 6:

Work same as for Step 6, then ch 1


Pull on the chain to tighten it so that it is not too loose, which can make the side wobbly

Continue return pass as for Steps 7-8

Watch the full video on the Tunisian Top Bar Stitch with lots of tips and trix.


The Tunisian Scalene Shawl is worked in a combination of Tunisian Top Bar stitch and Tunisian Extended Stitch.

Great for the beginner crocheter.

Find the pattern in my Ravelry Store, or just click on this link: Tunisian Scalene Shawl



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