Tunisian Crochet Sampler Blanket TAL

Stitch 6_Tunisian Top Bar (Ttb) (AKA Top Loop / Upper Horizontal Bar)


The Tunisian Top Bar Stitch is a variation of the Tunisian Simple Stitch and is also known as the Top Loop stitch or the Top / Upper Horizontal Bar stitch.  The latter indicates exactly how this stitch is worked, pulling the loops up from the top or upper horizontal bar. The fabric it creates is […] Read more…

Stitch 4_Tunisian Full Stitch (Tfs)



The Tunisian Full Stitch is obtained by inserting the hook in the space between two stitches.  The stitch pattern is created by a two row repeat.  It creates a checker pattern and is especially clear when worked in different colours. The stitch pattern is also known as the Goblin Stitch, due the problems it can create […] Read more…

Tunisian Sampler Blanket TAL


In my book “Beatrix says: Master Tunisian Crochet”, I created a sampler blanket from the 42 available stitches and stitch patterns in the book.  It is a great way to practice all those stitches and make something worthwhile from it. I decided to create a similar pattern to the one in the book, where you […] Read more…

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