Terms & Conditions


I do not have set working hours as this business is done during my spare time while busy homeschooling my twins, teaching crochet classes, designing beautiful crochet and knitting patterns for you and I have a husband that works away from home at weeks at a time.  The whole dyeing process is done by me as Btrix Dsigns is a one woman business and all orders are dyed on order ONLY.  Therefor, please allow at least 2-3 weeks for your order to be processed.  You can be sure that a lot of love and care goes into your yarn while processed so that you can receive a product that emanates happiness as the motto I try to live by creating inspiring hand dyed yarns.

Return Policy:

If you purchased a product, and you are not 100% happy with it, you are welcome to send it back on the following conditions:

  • Please send us an email, stating the reason why you are not happy with the product.
  • If credit was granted, the item must be returned within 7 days after you received it from us in a sealed package and in its original state.
  • The return of the goods will be done at your own expense.
  • You have to make use of a registered courier company so that the parcel can be tracked by a valid tracking number and no damage or lost during the return process can be accepted by Btrix Dsigns but will be at your own risk.
  • No cash or electronic transfer refunds will be done, but a CREDIT COUPON will be send to you for the amount of the returned item as soon as the parcel was received in good order by Btrix Dsigns.

If you received an item and it is incorrect or damaged during the mailed process, refund will be done on the following conditions:

  • You have to be able to proof that the item was damaged before you received it.  Open and check your parcel before you sign the courier waybill for reception.  If any item is incorrect, please indicate the item on your invoice and email it to me with your query.
  • If credit was granted, the damaged or wrong item must be returned withing 7 days after you received it from us in a sealed package and if it was an undamaged product, it must be returned in its original state.
  • The item must be send with a registered courier company so that the parcel can be tracked by a valid tracking number.
  • As soon as the parcel is received in good condition, a full refund for the product will be made ONLY via EFT.  So please make sure that we receive your CORRECT banking details to make payment to.

The Product:

Colour: Please remember, Btrix Yarns are natural fibre, hand dyed yarns and are dyed in small dye batches.  For this reason variation in dye batches will occur and it is advisable to order enough yarn for your project(s).  The uneven colour variation is part of my dyeing technique and also a characteristic of hand dyed yarns.  Also remember that the colour on any screen, will not be exactly the same as the real product.  I do take care to match the photos as close as possible to the the real colour of the product, but it can not be guaranteed.  For all the above reasons, Btrix Dsigns cannot take any responsibility in any colour issue that may occur, therefor no refunds will be done for any colour related issues.

Fibre and Yarn:  I do my best to source high quality fiber and use a quality controlled process to provide a quality product.  Sometimes an error may occur and you are welcome to inform me of any major errors. Unfortunately, Btrix Dsign can not take any responsibility for things like, fiber sensitivity, a product that did not match your personal or any other expectations, when a product get damaged while you work with it or during the cleaning process due to not proper care. Please see the RETURN POLICY.


For now, Btrix Dsigns makes use of a FLAT RATE for courier service of R90 per flyer.  This might change to variable charges per weight and area, but we experience some issues with the courier company and the the setting for the website to do correct calculations.  This flat rate will be included into your order and must be fully paid with your order total before any product will be shipped.  If your order exceeds the maximum amount of product to use a single courier flyer, I will notify you with a quoted amount for the excess weight.

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