The story behind the Book



The story is born out of pages and pages of printed class manuals.

  • How to choose yarn for a project.
  • What are the characteristics of different fibres and how does it influence my final product.
  • What are stitches made up from; it has an anatomy?
  • Are there better ways to do the basic techniques to make my project appear better or make the crochet experience easier, faster, or more interesting?

These are some of the things that I approach during my many, many years of crochet classes.  All this information I compiled into fully illustrated, text heavy manuals.

These manuals found their fame and popularity among crocheters all over the country and even abroad, and the request to get hold of these informative guides streamed in.  I became a primitive printing business and soon it smothered all my crochet-, design and class teaching time.  I stopped it just as fast as it started.  And then the pressure came…

“B, you should publish your manuals!”

“B, why don’t you write a crochet book with your manual content.”

“B, we want a book!”

And like all of us will feel (I know everyone will feel modest and not have an ego boost thinking of your own book appearing on the shelves of book stores and in every home of every single crocheter…wink-wink) I felt doubtful if any publisher would even consider helping me.  I had no idea what it involves to write a book!

I decided to take up the challenge.

What publishers will I approach?  How do I contact them?  What will I tell them?

But I made the move and contacted a few.

A “Specific Publisher” (I will refer to them in this way as I don’t want to mention their name to prevent any “naming and shaming”) was very keen on my proposal, but they preferred a single compiled book for beginners.

“What?”  “Reeeally?”  “That was not my idea!”

I wanted to publish the manuals as separate booklets that can be used as learning material for the crocheter that wants to learn on her own time or for the crocheter that wants to teach classes.  Now they want ONE book!

I am of the opinion that there are waaay too many beginner books on the market and nothing that can challenge the intermediate and more advance crocheter.  And that is the need I wanted to fill.

Many of my “students” referred to these manuals they received during classes as their “Crochet Bibles”, as that was the one thing they used to refer back to when they needed information.

That was what I wanted to achieve from this book.  Your number one reference guide.

In a few months time I compiled text, took photos, designed projects, write patterns and submit it in time so the publisher could start doing their part.  We were well in the process getting the book ready; me doing proofreading of the publisher’s editing work then I got the NEWS:

“Dear Mrs Snyman,

I don’t know if your are aware that Leisure Books are closing down and we mainly rely on them for our marketing purposes.  For that reason we have to withdraw some of our leisure publications for this year and we regretfully have to inform you that your book is one of them!”

Do you really want to know how I felt???

Can you imagine?

Devastation in over gear!

Months, days, nights without sleep’s work all for nothing!!!  And it is not only all the time wasted, but expenses were involved in preparation, dearly beloved crochet friends that gave their time and support to help me with this project.  All for nothing!!  I felt totally and utterly devastated!

During the time I received this news, I was in the middle of a big move from city to city that took up all my time.  My husband worked overseas and wasn’t even around to give a hug and say that everything is fine and it will all go away and that it is only a dream and that i will wake up any minute….

I didn’t want to make immediate decisions regarding this book.  I wanted to give it all up.  I thought of the lost time I could’ve spend with my little girls instead of sitting in front of the laptop, thinking up words to write down, taking photos and editing it, making projects and writing the patterns and re-read and re-consider information over and over again.  I could rather spend that time with them!  I could’ve rather have sleep, instead of having nights that I worked right through to get everything done in time for the due date that was set.   This motivated me to try again…

I wrote an email to Tania from LAPA publishers.  Explaining this whole story you just read.

lapa logo

I got immediate feedback.  You see, when I first approached publishers, LAPA was one of them and knew about me and the book, but unfortunately at that stage they already had their planning done for the year and then the “Specific Publisher” responded with interest instead.

And that is where my relationship with LAPA started.

Today I can announce that my tears of sadness turned into tears of joy!  With the dedicated help and assistance of such skillful people, LAPA have this book available from mid July!!

So keep your eyes open for:


And you can start ordering yours at LAPA

Because the LAPA is mainly an Afikaans publisher, the book will be published in Afrikaans, but if you prefer English, please send them an email at EMAIL LAPA or phone them, so that they can record the interest in an English version!!

Happy Crochet Fellow Hookies!!

Lots of Love

Beatrix Naam



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