Tunisian In The Round – Tubular with Double-ended hook


Double-Ended hooks can be used to work in rows or in the round.   You will use the one end of the hook to work a forward pass, which will be on the Right Side of the work.  Then you will turn your work to have the Wrong Side facing and slide the loops on the hook to the other end of the hook.  You will then work the return pass with a different yarn strand on the Wrong Side of the work.

Some notes on working with a double ended hook when you are a beginner:

  • Work in two colors so that you can identify the forward and the return pass. When working in Tss in the round, during the forward pass, the stitches collected will form an overlay of vertical bars over the chains created by the return pass.
  • To prevent your yarn from twisting up, do not turn the work in the same direction every time.   As an example, you can turn to the WS clockwise and the RS anti-clockwise.
  • When you work in the round, work only a few stitches at a time on both passes, and then turn. DO NOT work up to the last stitch, but keep at least 3-5 stitches remaining before you turn.

To learn how to Tunisian In The Round with a Double-ended hook, watch this video and then make the Tunisian Tubular Cowl that follows here.

Tunisian Tubular Cowl Pattern

You can also find the pattern in pdf format here







Any Light worsted/DK/8ply  – wpi 14 in 2 different colours                                                                                                                                                                                -100g/192m (215y).

50g Main Colour

50g Contrast Colour



2x 8mm Tunisian Interchangeable hooks with 40cm cable (join a hook on both ends of the cable)


8mm double ended hook


Extra Materials

Tapestry Needle

Place Markers


ch – chain

CC – Contrasting Colour

fch – foundation chain

hk – hook

lp(s) – loop(s)

MC – Main Colour

PM – place marker

rep – repeat

RS – Right Side

sc – single crochet

slst(s) – slip stitch(es)

st(s) – stitch(es)

V-bar(s) – vertical bar(s)

WS – wrong side

YO – yarn over


15 Tss x 14 rows = 10cm x 10cm



Tss (Tunisian Simple Stitch): Insert hook under front v-bar, YO, pull up a loop. Click here to watch this video for Tunisian Simple Stitch.


Approximate Dimensions

Length = 26cm / Circumference = 52cm


Pattern notes
  • This pattern is written in American Terminology, where conventional crochet terms are concerned.
  • This pattern is worked in a continuous spiral.
  • You can use either an 8mm double ended hook or an interchangeable hook which have an 8mm hook joined at both sides of the cable to serve as a double-ended hook.
    Watch this video on Tunisian Crochet Tools:  Lesson 2 – Hooks & Tools
  • Use a Place Marker to mark the first stitch of every round and move it up as you continue with the next row. This is especially important as you will work on the WS of the piece during the return pass, to know when a next round starts.


Use a piece of contrast colour yarn to keep your place instead of a place marker that you have to remove every time.  Just throw the end of the yarn back and forth over the rows as you move from one to the next.  It makes a clear line to show your start and is easy to track.



On each forward pass, pull up enough loops on the hook as you can keep, then you turn around, and return as described until you have about 3 loops left on the hook, turn work back to Right Side facing and continue the forward pass.  Move the PM up to keep track of beginning and end of each round.

  • Because you work in a continuous spiral, you will work the first and last stitch as normal Tss during the forward passes.
  • Because you work in a continuous spiral, you will work the 1st stitch on the return pass just as all the stitches:

(Return) is worked as follows:

YO and pull through  2.


Prevent twisting of a foundation chain that needs to be joined in the round:

Work a few chain, slide the 1st chain onto the opposite hook or back of hook. After all chains are worked, you can just slip the working loop through the chain that is then already on the hook, to join the foundation chain in a circle.



Foundation Round: (Forward) RS. ch 80, slst into 1st ch to form a ring, pick up a lp from the back bar of each fch around.  (80 lps). Place PM in 1st lp on hk. Turn.

(Return) WS. Make slip knot from CC,  place the slip knot on hook, push the loops on the hook towards this end and pull the slip knot from CC  through the first loop on the hook (you closed 1 stitch), *YO and pull trough 2 lps; rep from * around. (80 Tss) Turn.

Round 1: (Forward) RS and in MC. Tss in each st around, moving PM on 1st Tss. (80 lps).  (Return) WS and in CC. *YO and pull trough 2 lps; rep from * around. (80 Tss) Turn.

Rep row 1 until piece measures about 25cm.  Fasten off CC.  On RS, close last round with slst in MC.  Fasten off MC and sew away all yarn tails.

 Click here for the pdf pattern

For more helpful videos on Tunisian Crochet, you can find the following Lessons on my YouTube Channel.  Click on the relevant link to open the video in YouTube.

Video Links:

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Lesson 6 – Troubleshooting Areas

Lesson 7 –  The Stitch Anatomy & The Hook Placement

Lesson 8 – Bind-off


Hope you enjoyed the video and the pattern.

Happy TC!


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