Tunisian Sampler Blanket TAL


In my book “Beatrix says: Master Tunisian Crochet”, I created a sampler blanket from the 42 available stitches and stitch patterns in the book.  It is a great way to practice all those stitches and make something worthwhile from it.

I decided to create a similar pattern to the one in the book, where you will make a square from each available stitch or stitch pattern that I will share with you here on the website as written tutorials and their supporting YouTube videos.

You can use any yarn you’d like, but here I will give you some suggested yarn, similar to what I use to make this blanket.  I hope you will learn a lot and enjoy this as another Btrix Dsigns Tunisian-Along or as a personal project that you will make in your own time.




I will indicate the amount of yarn I used to make the suggested size square next to each Stitch Tutorial below.

Suggested yarns approximately 125m/50g :

  • Colours of Grace – Rachel
  • Nurturing Fibres Eco-cotton
  • Moya 100% cotton DK
  • Colour Spun DK Cotton
  • Bahia Yarns DK cotton
  • BtrixDsigns_South African Handdyed Cotton Yarns

These yarns are all South African indie dyed brands and you can visit their websites to find international suppliers.

To supplement recommended yarns, you can use any yarn with a wpi of 14 to obtain the gauge.


5mm Tunisian Hook or Conventional Hook with a needle protector at the back.

I use the Addi bamboo crochet hook and use a needle protector at the back to prevent the loops to fall off.

BtrixDsigns_Addi crochet hook with needle protector

Extra Materials

  • Tapestry Needle
  • Place Markers (optional)

Tension and Approximate Dimensions

To obtain 20cm x 20m after blocking, find stitch and row count in each Stitch Tutorial relevant to that stitch or stitch pattern

Pattern Notes

  • Adjust your hook size if your gauge is looser or more tight until you obtain the suggested size.

Stitch Tutorials

The stitches are a work-in-progress and will be added over time.  Make sure you are subscribed to my YouTube channel to get informed whenever a new stitch video is posted.  The written tutorial and info on a block for the Sampler Blanker will be posted here on the website.

Square 1 – Tunisian Simple Stitch (25g of any of the suggested yarns)

Square 2 – Tunisian Reverse Stitch (30g of any of the suggested yarns)

Square 3 – Tunisian Knit Stitch (35g of any of the suggested yarns)

Square 4 – Tunisian Full Stitch (35g of any of the suggested yarns)

Square 5 – Tunisian Purl Stitch (35g of any of the suggested yarns)

Square 6 – Tunisian Top Bar Stitch (35g of any of the suggested yarns)


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